vShare Helper Download for Windows – How to Install on Windows & iOS

For iOS users, the vShare team brought a fantastic feature called vShare Helper. Are you looking for answers to your queries that you may have with respect to vShare and vShare Helper? Stop searching elsewhere. We will answer all your queries.

What is vShare?

Well, we are all aware that an iPhone works with iOS as the operating system. But, what if we want to download the advanced or modified version of an app or game similar to Android users.

vShare helper

That is precisely why we would attempt looking for third-party app stores. But, by virtue of being a secure operating system, iOS does not allow third-party app stores or sideloading of apps as such. That would necessitate the need for jailbreaking your phone.

In iOS, we do jailbreak similar to rooting of devices in Android. The “jailbreaking” as the term means freedom, and we offer freedom or independence to access any third party apps on iOS devices. However, often it happens that users do not wish to jailbreak their iPhone but want to download the external apps.

However, jailbreaking is a risky phenomenon and as such may not be preferred by many users. Moreover, a few apps – like the banking apps do not support jailbroken devices. For them, there is an option to download vShare for iOS and get access to hundreds of games and premium apps for free should be the best.

What is vShare Helper?

VShare Helper is the little tool that would help you download vShare.  vShare is an app – as we stated above – that helps you download apps from third party sources onto your iOS device. vShare helper is the most convenient and easy to use tool that interconnects your device (iOS devices) with your PC. Whatever you wish to download on your device can directly download it via MacBook or Windows PC.

All you required is only download the vShare Helper latest version (the older edition of vShare had some bugs which are now fixed in its latest version) and start managing your new vShare account with Windows PC.

How to download vShare Helper on Windows PC

Follow the steps here below to download and install vShare Pro (the newer version of the vShare app we have been using before).

Step 1

To begin with, you need to to have the latest version of iTunes running on your Windows PC. Check if you are running the latest version, and update if you are not already on the updated version.

Step 2 –

Download the vShare Helper app for Windows operating system. If you are on Mac, you may refer to our article on how to install vShare on Mac.

vShare Helper EXE File

Step 3 –

Once the file is successfully downloaded on your PC, double-click on vShare Helper setup file to start the installation process.

Step 4 –

Follow the on-screen instructions to finish installing vShare Helper on your Windows PC.

Step 5 –

Connect your iPhone or any other iOS device to your PC and unleash the exciting features that the vShare app has on offer for you.

Step 6 –

A new screen will pop-up then on the bottom right corner of the screen you will see the vShare icon.

Step 7 –

Click on the blue icon for vShare – this will install the vShare Professional onto the iOS devices which are connected to the PC.

Step 8 –

Now, you can click on the App tab to find games and apps that you wish to install on your device. You will find a complete inventory of genuinely free and paid apps along with other jailbreak apps to choose from.

Step 9 –

You need to have the iTunes on your device if you want the tab for Music – any music downloaded through VShare helper will be stored in your Music app.

How to install App using VShare Helper

It should not be a huge task installing Apps and Games on your iOS device using vShare Helper. Follow the steps here below –

  • Click on Apps Tab.
  • Choose the app you wish to install and click on the icon.
  • As soon as the download is complete, tap on the left-hand side menu and click on “App.”
  • A full list of all downloads will appear on the screen, now tap on the green arrow beside the app you wish to install.

That should do it. The app has been successfully installed when the installation indicator reaches 100%. Now you can start using it.

The Final Countdown

Well, that is all about how you can download and install vShare Helper on your Windows PC. The vShare Helper is an app that would help you install all your favorite apps on your iPhone no matter they are available on the official app store or not. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that you do not need to jailbreak your iPhone for the functionality and Change My Software.

If you have any queries – do share your views, opinions and experiences through the comments section here below.

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