How to Get VShare With Premium Features for Free ?

VShare aap is the best alternative app for Google play store and apple app store. It works perfectly on both android and iOS devices. You can download any paid app or free apps for free using the VShare app. In this article we will be discussing many features of VShare app.

The best feature available is that you can download any paid app or free app for free. Due to its small size it does not require a lot of space in your phone. This app takes the space of just 2MB. In Apple store you cannot install any app outside the Apple store but in VShare you can install apps even from outside. The ios devices have inbuilt app store which consumes lot of data even the android devices consumes lots of data. To install any app in Apple store you need to enter your password every time you visit and even in android devices you need to have Google ID. But in Vshare app you need not have any user ID or password you can directly install any app. The only thing you have to do is install VShare app on your android and ios device and use install any app for free. You don’t have to create any account or remember any user name and password.

Features of the VShare App

  1. You can download any app from jailbroken or non-jailbroken iOS device.
  2. You can also advertise your own app on VShare store without paying any amount.
  3. You can also download any app for free.
  4. There are no copyright issues.
  5. There is no registration required.
  6. You don’t require a lot of space to download this app, as it requires only 2MB space.
  7. It is easy to manage to all the apps on VShare store.

If you are a app developer then it has another feature of VShare where you can advertise your app for free. In Apple app store or Google play store you have to pay for the app you want to advertise in spite of you having an account. But VShare will do it for free it won’t charge even a single penny from you. Lucky patcher is another alternate you can use for Removes licence verification from the application you can install the app from official site or can download lucky patcher apk.

Here in this article we are going to tell you about all the features of the VShare app. You have used this app on your android device and ios device but now you can also use VShare on your personal computer. Here we will only tell you about the features of the VShare app. There are many new features which will be coming in the next version of the VShare app. But in this article we will tell you only about the features of the present version.

Updated: June 12, 2019 — 5:08 pm

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